Why You Should Hire a Digital Marketing Agency for Your Hobart Small Business

June 27, 2024

Discover why you should hire a digital marketing agency for your Hobart small business. Save time, achieve professional outcomes and tailor strategies to help achieve online success.

It seems that the word 'digital marketing' is synonymous with most if not all businesses these days.

This is particularly so within the Tasmanian context where there's a real opportunity to make positive waves and stand out online.

Thus the question remains in 2024 "what are the benefits of hiring a digital marketing agency in Hobart?"

With the ongoing evolution of marketing trends, viral videos and the importance of an online presence, leveraging professional expertise is no longer just a luxury but a necessity.

You might be wondering "what is digital marketing?" 

Digital marketing encompasses various elements such:

  • search engine optimisation (or SEO)
  • social media marketing
  • content creation
  • website design
  • videography and more

Combining all of these together however can be an overwhelming experience for small business owners to manage on their own.

By collaborating with a digital marketing agency, you gain access to experts that are there to elevate your brand and, importantly, drive growth.

This partnership allows you not only to stay ahead of the competition, but also to ensure your marketing efforts are both affordable and effective.

With this in mind, we wanted to use this chance to explore the reasons why hiring a digital marketing agency can significantly benefit your Hobart-based business.

 Key Takeaways:

  • Hiring a digital marketing agency can save you time and money in the long run
  • It can help achieve a more professional and cohesive online presence
  • A digital marketing agency can enhance your success online
  • They can also assist in maintaining consistency across digital channels
  • Wakeford Digital offers professional digital marketing Hobart services

Let's dive in...

What do digital marketing agencies actually do?

As highlighted above, digital marketing agencies provide a comprehensive suite of services designed to enhance your online presence and drive business growth.

Here's a bit more of a detailed breakdown of the core services typically offered:

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO):

  • Conducting keyword research to identify valuable search terms.
  • Optimising website content and structure to improve search engine rankings.
  • Implementing technical SEO improvements for better site performance.

Content Creation:

  • Producing high-quality, engaging content such as blog posts, articles, videos, and infographics.
  • Developing content strategies that align with your business goals and target audience.

Social Media Marketing:

  • Creating and managing social media profiles and campaigns.
  • Crafting compelling social media adverts and content that resonates with your audience.
  • Engaging with followers and monitoring social media performance.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising:

  • Designing and managing PPC campaigns on platforms like Google Ads and social media.
  • Conducting keyword bidding and optimising ad copy for maximum impact.
  • Tracking and analysing ad performance to ensure a high return on investment.

Website Design and Development:

  • Creating user-friendly, visually appealing web design Hobart.
  • Ensuring websites are responsive and optimised for mobile devices.
  • Implementing e-commerce solutions and other custom functionalities.

Email Marketing:

  • Creating targeted email campaigns to nurture leads and retain customers.
  • Designing email templates and writing persuasive copy.
  • Analysing email campaign performance and making data-driven improvements.

Analytics and Reporting:

  • Monitoring the performance of all digital marketing activities.
  • Providing detailed reports and insights to track progress and ROI.
  • Using data to refine and optimise marketing strategies.

Consultation and Strategy Development:

  • Conducting market research and competitive analysis.
  • Developing customised digital marketing strategies tailored to your business.
  • Offering ongoing consultation to adapt strategies based on market changes and business needs.

By leveraging these services, digital marketing agencies help local businesses establish a strong online presence.

What are the benefits of hiring a digital marketing agency?

Now that you've got a bit more of an understanding or refresh on what a digital marketing agency does, let's take a look at the benefits hiring or consulting with one can bring to your business.

cream coloured graphic showing benefits of hiring digital marketing
Along with saving you time, a digital marketing agency Hobart can help increase your consistency and efforts.

A digital marketing agency can save time and help you focus on core activities

One of the most significant advantages of hiring a digital marketing agency is the time you save.

Particularly as a small business owner in Hobart, your primary focus should be on running your business, not getting bogged down in the intricacies of digital marketing.

Digital marketing agencies, like Wakeford Digital, handle the heavy lifting of creating and managing campaigns, allowing you to devote your time and energy to your core activities.

Wakeford Digital owner Dominic says, "as a business owner myself, I know that this aspect can not only reduce stress but also ensures that your marketing efforts are handled by people who are up-to-date with the latest trends and also importantly the best practices."

Digital marketing can help your business have a professional online presence

A digital marketing Hobart agency brings a level of professionalism that is, to be honest, really hard to achieve on your own.

From website design to social media marketing, a key benefit is that every aspect of your online presence can be considered and also benefit from expert input.

Agencies can ensure that your branding is consistent, something very important for small businesses, and that your elements like your website or social media are both aesthetically pleasing and functional.

This cohesiveness extends to social media ads, email marketing campaigns, and other digital touch points, providing a seamless experience for your audience and enhancing your brand's credibility.

Tailored marketing can be achieved, specific to your industry

Digital marketing is not a one-size-fits-all endeavour, especially so here at Wakeford Digital.

Each industry has its unique challenges and opportunities, and a digital marketing agency can tailor its strategies to meet these specific needs.

Dominic says, "For Hobart small businesses especially, this means we can create targeted campaigns that resonate with the local market."

Whether it's designing the right type of web pages (for example a one-page website versus a comprehensive site), selecting the most effective keywords, or crafting compelling social media content, agencies use their expertise to ensure your marketing efforts are aligned with your business goals and target audience.

A digital marketing agency can increase the success of your marketing efforts

Digital marketing agencies bring a wealth of experience and knowledge to the table, significantly increasing the likelihood of your campaigns' success.

Dominic continues, "while it's fantastic that anyone can pretty easily create online elements like a website or social media advert in 2024, this doesn't necessarily ensure it's going to be successful."

"We think of it like doing mechanical work yourself versus hiring an experienced mechanic, while sometimes you can get by - this doesn't necessarily mean the job is done in the best way."

Digital marketing agencies employ data-driven strategies, as well as continually monitor and refine their approaches based on performance metrics. 

This might be things like Google Analytics, advert metrics as well as SEO data.

This level of expertise and dedication ensures that your marketing efforts are not only effective but also adaptable to changing market conditions; and as a result, you can expect better ROI (return on investment) and more measurable outcomes (like leads or enquiries) from your digital marketing investments.

Frequently Asked Questions: Why Hire a Digital Marketing Agency in Hobart?

What specific services do digital marketing agencies offer?

Digital marketing agencies offer a wide range of services including SEO, social media marketing, content creation, email marketing, PPC advertising, and website design. They tailor these services to meet the specific needs of your business and industry.

How can a digital marketing agency improve my website's SEO?

Agencies use advanced SEO techniques to optimise your website's content, structure, and performance. This includes keyword research, on-page SEO, link building, and technical SEO improvements to increase your site's visibility on search engines.

Is hiring a digital marketing agency cost-effective for small businesses?

Yes, hiring a digital marketing agency can be cost-effective as it provides access to a team of experts without the overhead costs of hiring in-house staff. Additionally, agencies can help improve your ROI through targeted and effective marketing strategies.

How do digital marketing agencies stay up-to-date with trends?

Agencies continuously monitor the digital landscape, participate in industry conferences, and invest in ongoing training and development. This ensures they are always aware of the latest trends and best practices, allowing them to implement the most current and effective strategies for your business.

Can digital marketing agencies help with social media marketing?

Absolutely. Digital marketing agencies specialise in creating and managing social media campaigns that align with your brand's goals. They can help increase your social media presence, engage with your audience, and drive traffic to your website.

Final Thoughts

Hiring a digital marketing agency for your Hobart small business offers numerous benefits that can drive growth and success - from saving time and ensuring a professional online presence to tailoring strategies for your industry and increasing the success rate of your marketing efforts, a digital marketing agency provides the expertise and consistency needed to thrive in the digital age.

Ultimately, by leveraging their skills and knowledge, you can focus on what you do best – running your business – while they handle the complexities of digital marketing.

If you're looking for some assistance with your digital marketing Hobart, or had an idea in mind, feel free to discuss your project with us or get in touch to have a chat.

profile image of dominic standing on timber board walk on bruny island looking
by Dominic Anastasio
Owner and Creative Director Wakeford Digital

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