A website design guide for bloggers and influencers

Bloggers and influence can benefit from a visually attractive and engaging website design, with large visuals and elegant headings.

Standing out in the blogging and influencer space is important, not only matching but enhancing your personal brand or focus.

A key feature that is important for website design for bloggers and influencers is ease of use - whether that be adding new posts, content, videos or updates.

High quality and professional images are also a priority, but our special tip would be achieving consistency through all graphic elements of your website, whether this is images, graphics, illustrations and animations.

Telling your story, both through the posts and content but also through an attractive 'about' page is a final tip for bloggers and influencers; something that is assisted by video content if available or another tip is cursive fonts intermingled with bolder choices.

Key Features

Proposed Structure:

Video Hub
Enquire Now

Optional pages: Resources, Services, Shop

Ideal Features:

Social media links
Blog Content Management
Contact form
Video Embed

Key User Goals:

  • What's unique
  • How to engage
  • Latest post

Website Design Notes

1. Beautiful images with elegant text

When it comes to blogging and influencer website design, first impressions count - so using large and eye catching images is a good starting point.

Depending on the design, key headings should be larger and in a visually different font to grab attention.

2. Focus on blog and content

One of the key benefits of a website for bloggers and influencers is an extension of your social media content.

A blog represents the perfect opportunity to both elaborate and compliment social posts - whether it's more written content, transcripts or adding video content.

It's important in the website design that the blog and content has a strong visual presence and we often achieve this by strong placement on the homepage as well as short snippets on secondary pages.

(Our tip - Webflow's content management system (CMS) also means each post generates its own unique URL which can be copy and pasted into Facebook posts or Instagram bios)

Website templates and designs

Blogger/Influencer 01

This 'earth' website template is perfect for blogger and influencers looking to stand out online.

Builder/Architect 01

With strong headings and a bold colour scheme, our builder and architect website is perfect for those looking for a professional website.

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