Website  Analysis Report

Wondering how your website performs online? How do you stack up to competitors? Our hand-crafted website analysis - specifically for Tasmanian business owners - can help!

Discover how your website performs online with our analysis service!

Valued at $199, our website analysis gives businesses a holistic overview, feedback and recommendations.

Limited time offer: our website analysis discounted from $199 to $29 for July 2024.

Our web design analysis is manually done and tailored to your business - it's a great way to get a quick insight into your current website’s health and design quality.

It provides information on how well your website currently performs in terms of design and user experience, as well as some initial suggestions and recommendations on how to improve.

Here's what you'll get:

  • Personalised Video Analysis: A comprehensive video analysis of your website, performed by Dominic (not a robot).
  • Identified Strengths and Weaknesses: Detailed feedback on what your website does well and areas that need improvement.
  • User Experience Evaluation: Insights into how intuitive and user-friendly your website is for your visitors.
  • Mobile Responsiveness Check: Analysis of how well your website performs on mobile devices.
  • Design Consistency Review: Assessment of your website's visual consistency and branding.
  • Speed and Performance Analysis: Evaluation of your website’s loading speed and overall performance.
  • (The best bit...) Handpicked Recommendations: Minimum of 3 tailored recommendations to enhance your website's performance and functionality.

We'll aim to have this report turned around in a week.

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"... the process was professional, easy to understand and to a very high standard!"

Google Review, 2024

How to get started in three steps:

Step 1: Purchase the web design analysis service.

Step 2: Input your website address.

Step 3: Receive your personalised video report within a week.