Wix Website Hobart: Our Take On Wix And Why We Use Webflow

October 28, 2023

Explore the advantages of professional website design versus Wix for Hobart businesses, where we into why Webflow stands out, offering design freedom, robust SEO, and easy content management.

A question that pops up every so often at Wakeford Digital is "Do you use Wix to create your websites?"

We believe the choice of a website platform is very similar to laying the foundation of a building and while Wix might seem like a quick and easy solution, especially for those new to the digital realm, we've found that sometimes the cheapest solution isn't always the best long term for businesses in Tasmania.

This article seeks to shed light on our preference in using the website design platform Webflow, especially in the context of the unique digital landscape that Hobart presents.

Understanding the Appeal Of Wix Websites in Hobart

Wix, as a website platform that has a user-friendly interface and vast template library, has undoubtedly made a mark in the website design builder discussion.

For many businesses in Hobart and across Tasmania, a Wix website is often it's the first step into the world of digital presence.

The platform promises simplicity, eliminating the often intimidating technical barriers that come with website creation, But while the Wix offers a platform to start, there are potential roadblocks ahead.

The platform can sometimes limit important customisations, ongoing SEO management as well as significant design changes.

Why We Use Webflow at Wakeford Digital

Our preference for Webflow isn't just about its features; it's about the potential it unlocks for our clients and the variety of requirements each project prings.

Webflow offers a canvas for creativity, allowing us to craft unique and tailored websites that resonate with a business's branding, look, and feel - as opposed to being fixed into a pre-made template or design.

We are big (BIG!) advocates of the platform's client editor, which unlike WordPress, Webflow's client editor is streamlined and more focussed on being user-friendly. It strips back complex tasks, allowing clients to focus solely on editing, adding, and updating content.

Key Features of Webflow that Wakeford Digital Values:

  • Design Freedom:  Every design and requirement can be unique and tailored to meet goals.
  • Dynamic CMS: Efficient content management system, making blogs, news, portfolios etc easy.
  • SEO-Centric: Effective tools and options to deliver optimal search engine performance.
  • Responsive Design: Websites that look and work great across all devices.

Furthermore, Webflow's CMS capabilities make managing dynamic content, be it blogs or portfolios, incredibly efficient. This ensures that our clients always have fresh and relevant content on their websites, something that is incredibly important in the Hobart SEO landscape.

Professional Website Design vs. Wix: The Hobart Narrative

In Hobart's vibrant digital marketplace, the debate between a professional website design and Wix is more than just a comparison of features.

While Wix offers a quick launchpad, a professional website design service can help ensure that your long term online journey is smooth, scalable, and adaptable to evolving business needs.

The flexibility and opportunities to create simple yet effective websites that platforms like Webflow offers are hard to match, making it a preferred choice for businesses that seek to stand out.

The Hobart Business Perspective

For businesses in Hobart and across Tasmania, a website is more than just a digital address; it's the foundation of their online presence.

While platforms like Wix might seem cost-effective initially, businesses need to consider the long-term implications where a cheaper website now might not set the right foundation for future growth.

Clients who have transitioned to Wakeford Digital from Wix often cite challenges with SEO and the platform's rigidity as primary concerns. Investing in a professionally designed and well-considered website, backed by a team with a deep understanding of Hobart's SEO landscape, can offer better long-term value and ultimately be the difference in a successful online presence.

Key Takeaways

What is Wix?
Wix is a simple website builder known for its user-friendly interface and vast template library, making it a popular choice for those new to website creation in Hobart.

Why do you use Webflow?
Webflow offers a canvas for creativity, allowing for unique and tailored website designs. Its client editor is streamlined and user-friendly, making content updates easy for clients.

Should Hobart businesses consider Wix? While Wix might be cost-effective initially, businesses should consider long-term implications. A professionally designed website, like those offered by Wakeford Digital, can provide better long-term value, especially with the challenges some face with Wix regarding SEO and platform rigidity.

Why is having a good website design important? A professional website is akin to laying the foundation of a building. It's not just about the immediate cost but the future potential and adaptability to represent your business in the best way online.

In Conclusion On Wix Website Hobart

While Wix might be a familiar name for website design for Hobart businesses, a professional website design can better offer the success and strength businesses need.

At Wakeford Digital, our choice is clear through our choice in Webflow, and our mission is to craft effective digital solutions for businesses - whether than be web design, SEO or digital marketing outcomes; we ensure businesses are set for success now and in the future.

profile image of dominic standing on timber board walk on bruny island looking
by Dominic Anastasio
Owner and Creative Director Wakeford Digital

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