Production Farm

The Production Farm team engaged Domin8 Designs to redevelop their website to provide more comprehensive information and a more professional design.


Cameron Heit

Project Problem Statement

The existing Production Farm website, done using a DIY platform, was a great start by Cameron - however lacked that professional edge.

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Project Features

  • client consultation;
  • website design;
  • CMS collections;
  • website development;
  • mobile and tablet optimisation;
  • backend services.

Project Outcomes

We're stoked with the outcome of the new Production Farm website.

With some content additions still to come in terms of clients and work, the initial launch of the redevelopment delivers a visually relevant and engaging website design.

Big, bold headings contrasted with technical-style text help grab attention and offer clear sections through out the site. Secondary pages, such as about and services, follow a similar structure however are distinct through the use of different header images.

Cameron and Dominic discussed having a sole services page versus breaking these down individually - from an SEO stand point, we felt having the individual pages with some optimisation was a better opportunity.

The website also features clear 'call to actions' through the 'contact now' button in the menu as well as the banner at the end of the primary pages.

Visually, the website takes on a grunge-like approach but then borrows colour from Production Farm's existing logo and colour scheme to deliver some vibrance.

Launched in October 2020, we're excited to see the online and physical presence grow for Production Farm off the back of their new website.

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