Share and embed directions from Google maps into Webflow website

In this short tutorial, you'll learn how to generate a shareable link for directions created in Google Maps. You can then share this map with your website designer or embed it directly into Webflow using the designer. We also show how to set up a Webflow collection to make easily adding new maps easy using the content management system.

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Using The Facebook Debugger To Update Open Graph Tags

Discover the power of the Facebook Debugger tool to make sure you get the correct Open Graph images on Facebook. This video covers a step-by-step on how to use Webflow to update your Open Graph image, then Facebook's debugger tool to, ensuring your correct content is displayed perfectly on Facebook.

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Use ChatGPT To Generate Schema Markup PLUS Link With Webflow CMS

In this video, we share how to use ChatGPT's web browsing feature to analyse a dedicated video page and then generate Schema Markup - which is really useful for improving SEO.

We then double down by utilising Webflow's CMS elements to update the Schema Markup fields dynamically for each video page.

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Use ChatGPT To Create A Youtube Video Script From A Blog Post

The power of AI continues to grow, and in this tutorial - we show how to turn an existing blog post on a website quickly and easily into a Youtube, TikTok or Instagram video script using ChatGPT.

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