Cascade Brewery's 200th Anniversary Celebration: A Milestone Captured by Wakeford Digital

May 29, 2024

Wakeford Digital recently had the honor of capturing a significant milestone for Cascade Brewery Co as they celebrated their 200th anniversary in Hobart.

As one of Tasmania's most iconic brands, Cascade Brewery holds a storied place in the community and the industry.

The project involved capturing cinematic footage of the celebrations, conducting interviews, and documenting the full formal presentation and speeches.

The visual storytelling combined cinematic and interview styles to reflect the grandeur and significance of the occasion.

jeremy rockliff standing in blue suit holding beer

Services Provided:

Our team was tasked with producing:

- a short highlight video and
- a video news reel (VNR) featuring interviews and b-roll footage.

The VNR was promptly distributed to major news outlets to ensure broad coverage of this historic event.

two men holding beer look at phone

Key Stakeholders in Attendance:

The event was graced by several notable figures, including Tasmanian Premier Jeremy Rockliff. Key speakers featured in our coverage included:

  • Amanda Sellers, CEO of Asahi Beverages Group
  • Brendan Flanagan, Head of Manufacturing at Cascade
  • Atsushi Katsuki, President and CEO of Asahi Group Holdings
man in blue jacket and woman in pink cheers a cascade beer outside
man with short hair stands talking to colleagues at cascade 200th event

Their insights and reflections on Cascade's legacy and future prospects were integral to our narrative as well as VNR production.

This event was a testament to the rich history and bright future of Cascade Brewery, and we're proud to have played a role in commemorating this landmark occasion, providing high-quality visual content that will help Cascade share their ongoing story with the world.

We're excited to share some of the video updates with you soon, as we also take the opportunity to thank local videographer Sam Tooker for his services in helping Wakeford Digital to capture the event.

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