Filming wraps up with Trout Tales for 2023

December 19, 2023

We're pleased to wrap up 2023 with a final batch of videography with Trout Tales Tasmania.

Wakeford Digital have been working with Trout Tales, a renowned name in the Tasmanian fly fishing community, for over two years now to capture and share fly fishing experiences from across Tasmania.

This particular final session for 2023 focused on capturing footage for the captivating long-format content "Tales From The Fly" series on YouTube.

Type of Videography: Our focus was on creating longer-format videos that dive deep into the angling experience. This included episodes featuring Bronte Lagoon and Pine Tier Lagoon, as well as shorter, informative segments like the essential summer gear guide.

Unique Challenges: Capturing the dynamic and unpredictable nature of fishing was our primary challenge. We needed to ensure crisp audio amidst the wilderness and capture the thrilling moments of action — like a fish spectacularly taking a fly. Balancing these dynamic shots with the serene B-Roll necessary to compile an engaging ~10-minute episode tested our skills and creativity.

Impact and Results

While the primary videos are still in the post-production phase, the "Tales From The Fly" series has been a significant asset for Trout Tales Tasmania. It underscores the value of longer-format videos in a market saturated with quick content, appealing directly to the dedicated angling community that prefers depth and detail.

We have already released some short form content in the "Essential Gear To Bring For A Summer Fly Fishing Trip To Tasmania" segment which you can view below.

This project has been a testament to understanding and catering to a specific audience. In a world where short, snappy videos dominate, there's a profound beauty and impact in longer, story-driven content that allows viewers to immerse themselves fully in the experience.

Videography in Hobart and Tasmania offers unique opportunities to capture nature and action in unison, and this project has been a perfect example of that.

Watch: Check out our Youtube short video of a trout catching the fly.

Looking Forward

As we finalise the two "Tales From The Fly" series, we're excited to showcase the array of Tasmania's angling spots and the thrilling moments that make fly fishing an art. We love working on the longer form content and sharing this style of videography in Hobart - delivering content that resonates with specific audiences.

If you're looking to capture the essence of your passion or industry through detailed, engaging videography, discuss your project with us today.

Let's create something that speaks directly to your audience, whether they're in Hobart, Tasmania, or beyond.

Looking for an example of our longer form content? Check out the previous Tales From The Fly episode below...

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