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Are You National Assistance Card Aware (2024)?

Discover how the National Assistance Card's Facebook campaign transformed a small budget into a thriving community.


Brain Injury Association of Tasmania

Project Problem Statement

The challenge was to raise awareness and understanding among a specific and diverse group — businesses, organizations, and government entities — about the National Assistance Card and to encourage supportive responses when interacting with cardholders.

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Project Features

The Solution


  • Targeted Outreach: Focused on reaching entities that are likely to encounter National Assistance Cardholders, including businesses, organisations, and government sectors.
  • Educational Content: Produced a targeted video explaining the National Assistance Card's purpose and providing clear instructions on how to respond when shown the card.

Execution and Assets

The campaign utilised a concise, informative video tailored to the needs and understanding of businesses and organisations. It was designed to inform and prompt a supportive response from these entities when interacting with cardholders.

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Along with the video, the campaign was coupled with a carousel advert that ran through a top level process of how to respond when shown a National Assistance Card.

An example of the creative assets used as a part of the social media advert campaign.


The campaign focus was on awareness raising and as such effectively reached a broad audience, indicating successful penetration into the targeted sectors.

While engagement in terms of comments was limited, the extensive reach suggests a high level of exposure and awareness was achieved.

The "Are You National Assistance Card Aware" campaign for 2024 successfully raised awareness among a crucial audience, reaching over with a reach of 91,062 - sharing vital information about the National Assistance Card. This campaign highlights the power of targeted, educational content in fostering understanding and supportive responses from key societal sectors.

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