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Trout Tales Tailored Lead Campaign

Learn more about a simple campaign delivered social media leads at less than $30 per-acquisition for local fly fishing business Trout Tales.


Matt Stone

Project Problem Statement

The challenge was to effectively reach and engage a niche audience in a competitive tourism market, converting their interest into tangible leads without directing them away from the social platforms.

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Project Features

Project Outcomes

The Strategy

  • Targeted Advertising: Focused on users with interests in fly fishing, fishing, and outdoor activities, primarily around the Hobart area.
  • Engaging Content: Developed short, 15-second videos showcasing the beauty of Tasmania and the excitement of fly fishing, overlaid with personal narration from Matt.
  • Direct Lead Collection: Implemented a strategy to gather information directly through Facebook/Instagram, avoiding the need for external landing pages.

The Execution

The campaign featured a single, shot yet highly engaging video, designed to 'hook' the viewer with stunning visuals of Tasmania and successful fish catches.

The script, narrated by Matt and with a short segment featuring in the video, emphasised the unique aspects of fly fishing in Tasmania and encouraged direct bookings.

Check out the video in the player below.


We were incredibly pleased with the outcomes of the Trout Tales tailored leads campaign, as a part of a Kickstarter Social Media Advertising campaign.

Impressions wise, the advert was viewed close to 15,000 times which is also fantastic for brand awareness. Overall however, the campaign generated enough leads to bring in around a substancial revenue for the client, with an ad spend of only around $200.

What was the ROI?

The actual Return on Investment (ROI) was exceptionally high at 2650% per lead!

ROI, a measure of the profitability of an investment, is calculated as the net profit divided by the cost of the investment, multiplied by 100. While the ROI for this campaign was significantly high, it's important to note that not all leads may convert into sales. However, the potential for substantial revenue against the ad spend demonstrates the campaign's effectiveness.

Despite the high ROI, it's acknowledged that not every lead will proceed with a booking. However, the success of the campaign can be attributed to a catchy video and clever targeting, which were instrumental in capturing the attention and interest of the target audience.


Trout Tales Tasmania's social media campaign demonstrated the power of well-crafted content and targeted advertising in generating high-value leads. The impressive ROI highlights the potential of focused social media strategies in the tourism and recreation industry.

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