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Sorrentino Painting - Interior Painting Social Ads

Sorrentino Painting and Rendering enhanced their online presence through targeted social media ads, including a rise in social and website enquiries well as brand awareness.


Sorrentino Painting and Rendering

Project Problem Statement

Sorrentino Painting and Rendering wanted to utilise a different medium in social media ads to drive traffic to a specific landing page and ultimately generate more enquiries. Despite their reputation for quality work, they needed a fresh approach to online marketing to attract potential clients.

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Project Features

  • Custom advert creation
  • Multiple advert types (carousel and single)
  • Consistent branding
  • Full advert setup
  • Project Outcomes

    Our social media advertising campaign for Sorrentino Painting and Rendering involved the creation and deployment of two distinct advert types: a standalone single advert and a carousel advert.

    These campaigns were specifically designed to promote their interior painting services and direct potential customers to a dedicated landing page.

    The first advert, a single advert, targeted a specific demographic within a small radius of Hobart.

    From an intermediate budget, this advert alone achieved a reach of 9,608 on Facebook, resulting in 99 link clicks.

    screenshot of sorrentino painting advert types
    A range of advert types were created for Sorrentino's inteiror painting service, refined down to the most effective types.

    Through rigorous testing of four different creative variations, we refined the campaign to focus on the most effective design. This approach ensured that we presented the most compelling content to the target audience, ultimately driving traffic to the landing page and generating enquiries.

    Complementing the single advert was a carousel advert aimed to maintain brand consistency while highlighting various features of the interior painting service.

    With more specific targeting in this creative, the advert reached 4,319 individuals and garnered 47 link clicks.

    By showcasing multiple images and messages in a single ad unit, we provided a more engaging and informative experience for viewers, which helped increase interest and interaction.

    Overall, the campaigns achieved significant results with a total of 173 link clicks from a combined reach of 17,303 across both advert types.

    The click-through rate (CTR) for these ads was 2.2%, surpassing the industry average of 1.51%, indicating a high level of engagement and relevance to the audience, from an ad-spend budget of less than $200.

    screenshot showing the carousel social media hobart advert
    Mixing up the Hobart social media advert types, such as utilising both static and carousel, can provide both awareness and enquiries.

    Project Summary/Meta Description

    Sorrentino Painting and Rendering enhanced their online presence through targeted social media ads.

    The campaigns, featuring custom adverts and consistent branding, achieved a total reach of 17,303 and 173 link clicks, surpassing industry CTR benchmarks.

    This strategy effectively drove traffic to their landing page, generating valuable enquiries.

    For more on how we can help with your social media advertising needs, visit our Social Media Ads service page.

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